Flat Fee Gold Crowns

Direct to dentists who use an intraoral scanner



2% Gold Crown photo
  • 2% Gold
  • Light yellow color

High Noble

Best Value

55% Gold Crown photo
  • 55% Gold
  • Yellow-gold color

Non Precious


Non Precious Crown photo
  • Cobalt-Chrome
  • Silver color

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The Best is Now affordable

Most dentists agree the best material used in dentistry is gold. And once again gold is a viable option. Easy Gold Crowns' flat fees make it easy and affordable to use the best.

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Using an intraoral scanner?

Easy Gold Crowns accepts IOS files from Cerec, 3Shape, Carestream CS Connect, Medit Link, and Planmeca. More systems are being added. We do not accept traditional impressions or models, only IOS scans.

Polishing your crown

Support nubbs will need to be removed, and the exterior of the crown will need to be polished. It only takes a few minutes.

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